The History of Granby

Granby Limited started out as K&C sausages back in the early 1930’s.

Two Dublin businessmen, John Kavanagh and John Clavin started the business known then as K&C Sausages. Clavin was bought out by Kavanagh and the company was renamed, taking the name of the road the factory was located on, Granby Place.

At that time, the Coombe in Dublin was the epicentre of sausage making within the city with famous names like Donnelly, Hafners, Byrnes, Olhausens and Kearns were also well-known brands within the city. The next 80 years saw the demise of Donnelly and Hafners, the amalgamation of Byrnes and Kearns who were eventually taken over by Olhausens before they closed their doors in 2011.

Granby Limited is the last remaining manufacturer of that era who has survived in their original form and is still owned by the Kavanagh family. Currently the third and fourth generation of the Kavanagh family operate and run the business from its original location. The Company operates out of a state of the art factory with the most modern equipment, producing its traditional sausages, burgers, puddings and other meat products for the Dublin and wider Irish market.

One often hears a business is its people and nowhere is this more apparent than in Granby, where generations of great Dublin families have worked and given lifelong service and passion to the art of sausage making. Our team members talk in terms of a lifetime or multiple decades 10, 20, 30, 40 years of service crafting Dublin’s favourite sausages, puddings, burgers and meatballs.


Granby is the sum of all its various parts. The four generations of family have perfected and overseen the art of meat making. Our team brings passion and skill and believe in what they do.


Our modern state of the art production facility where quality and safe food products are crafted daily and our loyal customers who trust and rely on our brand name to put good quality food on the table.

As we approach our 90th year in business we continue with a sense of pride and appreciation for all that has gone before, we maintain our traditional butchery crafts, to be relevant in today’s marketplace, offering good quality, tasty food products to many market segments.