Granby Burgers


Where there’s food, there’s family

Granby burgers.

Stuff of legends…

We have developed some amazing flavours down the years and our beef and pork burgers
have become a firm favourite on grills and BBQs all across the country.


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Granby Black Pudding Burger
Granby Black Pudding Burger

Prep Time:5 mins Cook Time:20 mins Serves:1 person You Will Need: Granby Black Pudding BurgerAny one of our famous Granby beef burgers (Our flavours...

Granby Breakfast Bap
Granby Breakfast Bap

Prep Time: 5 minsCook Time: 15 minsServes: 1 personYou will need:Granby’s Breakfast Bap 2 Granby Premium Pork Sausages 3 Slices of Granby Country...